Предприятие Госкорпорации «Росатом»
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Respirator ШБ-1 “Лепесток-200” / ShB-1 “Lepestok-200”

Class of filtering efficiency - FFP3.

GOST 12.4.028-76
GOST R 12.4.191-99

The "Лепесток-200" / "Lepestok-200" respirator is recommended for application in the case, if there are dangerous aerosols in the air with the size less than 1 micron with up to 200 MAC. It also can be applied for protection against aerosols with particles more than 1 micron, however, in this case it is more advisable to use the "Лепесток-40" / "Lepestok-40" or "Лепесток-5" / "Lepestok-5" respirators, since featuring the same efficiency for particles of larger than 1 micron they feature lower breathing resistance. The ШБ-1 "Лепесток-200" / ShB-1 "Lepestok-200" respirator is recommended for usage on the Rosatom enterprises. Also, the ШБ-1 "Лепесток-200" / ShB-1 "Lepestok-200" respirator can be used for works on in the mining, smelting, alumina and similar plants, asbestos factories, on production of mineral fertilizers, in the milling industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, woodworking, agriculture, repair and cleaning of premises, dedusting of carpets and clothes, in home gardens when fertilizing the soil or using insecticides and pesticides.

Technical description

Structurally respirators are designed as half-mask filter, where the front part (the body) is used as the filtering element. Each mask is packed into a separate bag.


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