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Respirator “СПИРО-312” / “SPIRO-312”

Class of filtering efficiency - FFP2.

TU 2568-009-08625805-2009
GOST R 12.4.191-99

The respirator is a lightweight filtering half mask with an exhalation valve equipped with two adjustable elastic headbands and obturator along the line of face contact; it is made of high-performance filtering material. Reliable obturation strip, comfortable usage, low breathing resistance. Particularly suitable for works under conditions of high physical activities, high and low temperatures (- 40 C °, + 70 C °), high humidity. made of high-performance filtering material. Suitable for any type of face.

The "СПИРО -312" / "SPIRO - 312" respirators are designed for protection of human respiratory organs against small-size and medium-size dispersed aerosols. Scope: mining, metallurgy, food processing, machinery, sawmills, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, working with powdered chemicals, protection against cement dust.

It is convenient to use the "СПИРО -312" / "SPIRO-312" respirators for domestic purposes during garden plants processing against pests, and during cleaning. The respirator protects against infections transmitted by airborne droplets.

The respirator's life is up to 5 shifts depending on dust content and work conditions.


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