Предприятие Госкорпорации «Росатом»
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Respirator “СПИРО-301” / “SPIRO-301”

Class of filtering efficiency - FFP1.

TU 2568-009-08625805-2009
GOST R 12.4.191-99

Filtering half mask without an exhalation valve, made of material with high filtering efficiency, tight fit to the face is provided by two adjustable elastic headbands and obturating tape along the line of face contact. Suitable for any type of face.

The "СПИРО -301" / "SPIRO - 301" respirators are designed for protection of human respiratory organs against small-size and medium-size dispersed aerosols. The scope is iron and steel production, machinery, shipbuilding and agriculture. It is convenient to use the "СПИРО -301" / "SPIRO-201" respirator for domestic purposes during garden plants processing against pests, and during cleaning. It protects against infections, transmitted by airborne droplets.

The respirator's life is up to 5 shifts, depending on dust content and work conditions.


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