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Respirator “Лепесток 40-2В” / “Lepestok 40-2V”

Class of filtering efficiency - FFP2.

TU 2568-003-08625805-97
GOST R 12.4.191-99

The "Лепесток 40-2В" / "Lepestok 40-2B" respirator is designed for protection of respiratory organs against harmful aerosols in the air, with the concentration not exceeding 40 MACs. At the same time it protects against "acid" gases and vapors (HF, HCL, SO2) at concentration of harmful substances up to 15 MACs. It is not recommended to use the respirator under conditions of oxygen lack (less than 17%) in the air (for example: in containers, tanks, wells and other isolated vessels of such type). High degree of respirators protection is ensured by versatility of sorption-filtering items features. Recommended scope: aluminum production, petrochemical, pulp and paper industry, electroplating, battery workshops.


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