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Respirator “СПИРО-312Е” / “SPIRO-312Е”

Class of filtering efficiency - FFP2.

TU 2568-010-08625805-2010
GOST R 12.4.191-99

The respirator is a lightweight filtering half mask with an exhalation valve equipped with two adjustable elastic headbands and obturator along the line of face contact; it is made of high-performance filtering material. Reliable obturation strip, comfortable usage, low breathing resistance. The respirator is thermal-resistant, fire-resistive, keeps its protective and operation features in the wide range of temperatures. The "СПИРО-312Е" / "SPIRO-312E" respirators are used for individual protection of respiratory organs against aerosols and "acid" gases (HF, HCL, SO2 and others). The Ion-exchange fiber material sorbing the specified gaseous substances is used in the filtering half-mask "СПИРО-312Е" / "SPIRO-312E" respirator. Protective action time (i.e. saturation of ion exchange material) depends on several factors, namely: concentration and chemical properties of harmful substances, air humidity, respiration rate, etc. Protective action time as determined in laboratory tests for respirators by HF at 15 MACs is more than 30 hours, by SO2 at 15 MACs - more than 80 minutes. At that it is necessary to take into account specific production conditions since the specified parameters may significantly vary during one shift. Basing on the above mentioned, at real operation, the protective time of half-mask may be determined by the appearance of a harmful substance smell under the mask area.

Scope - aluminum production, chemical, petrochemical, cellulose and paper industries, electroplating and copper-sulfur production, battery workshops.



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