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Anti-corruption and anti-embezzlement policy

If you are aware of any corruption offense committed or contemplated by a JSC Isotope employee or of any actions against JSC Isotope's property and other rights and legitimate interests, please report it using specialized communication channels, including:

  • Email: hotline@isotop.ru;
  • Postal address: Analytics and Asset Protection Department, JSC Isotope, 22 Pogodinskaya St., Moscow, 119435. 



1. These communication channels are run by Analytics and Asset Protection Department.

2. It is guaranteed that any report will be reviewed independently. Non-disclosure of the source of information is guaranteed as well.

3. Anonymous reports are accepted.

4 . Corruption offenses and other violations include bribery and bribe-taking, power abuse, other illegal use of one's position contrary to legitimate business and public interests with the aim of obtaining personal benefits in the form of cash, property, other assets or valuable services, other property rights, whether for oneself or for other persons, illegal provision of such benefits to a nominated third party, as well as committing any of the aforementioned actions on behalf of or for the benefit of legal entities, and other actions (omissions) and/or resolutions that adversely affect JSC Isotope's rights and legitimate interests.