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The opening ceremony of the 7th International Conference on Isotopes will be held on the 5th of September of 2011

rosatom_logo_en.jpgThe 7th International Conference on Isotopes is ready to welcome the participants.

The 7th International Conference on Isotopes will start working on the 5th of September in Moscow World Trade Centre. More than 500 scientists and business people from 38 countries of the world will discuss the perspectives of the isotope industry and nuclear medicine in particular.

Among the participants there are guests from the world leaders of the industry: USA, Canada, Belgium, South Africa, Japan, representatives of IAEA and the World Council on Isotope. Russian delegation is the most numerous as it includes representatives of the atomic industry, research and medical communities and industry spheres. The opening ceremony is planned to be hosted by A.V. Dvorkovich, assistant of the President of the Russian Federation; S. V. Kirienko, Director General of Rosatom State Corporation; D.V. Manurov, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister of the Russian Federation; P. Staples, Director of European and African Threat Reduction of the U.S. Department of Energy and others.

A special feature of the 7ICI will be a separate business program, which will happen for the first time in the history of the event. Mikhail Batkov, Director of the Radiation Technologies Program of Rosatom State Corporation believes that the dialogue of science and business will give a new impulse to Russia’s efforts in the field of the industry development. ‘Russia has a unique window of opportunities in development of isotope industry and nuclear medicine. Having solved the problem of catching up with the world leaders of the industry, we will perform a vital social mission by providing a lot of people with access to a contemporary system of oncological diseases diagnostics and, thus, give them a real chance to overcome cancer’, announced Mikhail Batkov.

The key topics of the agenda will include important issues of the world isotope industry: nuclear medicine development, prospects of the world isotope market, production of molybdenum-99, creation of nuclear technology parks, using isotopes in agriculture and industry, producing isotopes from low enriched uranium and development of international cooperation in the field of using isotopes in various fields of science and technology, first of all, in nuclear medicine. The conference will last for three days. There will also be an exhibition where the latest developments in the industry will be showcased.

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