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Henri Bonet, Director of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

Henri Bonet, Director of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre:

The uniqueness of the 7th ICI is that it is the only international event in the isotope industry that brings together expects from all over the world.

Russian isotope industry had a period of high activity, and later it had to deal with severe logistics problems concerning the procurement of isotopes from Russia all over the world. But today Russia has made a great progress in development of local production. It is obvious that Russia is now included in the general movement of development of isotope production and nuclear medicine.

Three years ago in Seoul, Korea, I presented the speech on the nuclear renaissance and its impact on radioisotopes production and I made an optimistic forecast to show how many nuclear plants would be built in Russia, China and all over the world. Today I have to adjust my speech in light of the recent events in Fukushima. In my presentation I advise people to be very careful, as Fukushima is representing a very specific scenario, which occurred for the first time in history and has to be taken into consideration when talking about further development of the nuclear industry.


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