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Participants of the 7th International Conference on Isotopes have visited the first NPP in the world in Obninsk

On the 8th of September participants of the 7th International Conference on Isotopes visited the first NPP in the world in SSC RF-FEI (Obninsk). The event was organized as part of a technical tour to the Institute.

During the excursion participants visited the control room of the plant, the memorial complex, and learned about the history of the plant.

The first nuclear power plant built under supervision of I.V. Kurchatov was launched in 1954. It delivered power on the 26th of June, 1954. The plant was equipped with a RBMK reactor with a water coolant named AM (Atom Mirny) that produced 5 MW of electricity. The idea of constructing the active zone belongs to I.V. Kurchatov and professor S.M. Feinberg. A member of the Academy of Sciences N.A. Dollezhal acted as chief structural engineer.

The 7th International Conference on Isotopes organized by Rosatom State Corporation, Russian Academy of Sciences and JSC Isotope was held in Moscow from 4th to 8th of September. Key representatives of the world isotope industry, over 600 leading scientists and business people from 38 countries, discussed important issues of production and application of isotopes in different fields of economy. S.V. Kirienko, Rosatom State Corporation Director General; D.V. Manturov, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister of Russia; P. Staples, Director of the Office of European and African Threat Reduction of the US Department of Energy; Alexander Bychkov, IAEA Deputy Director General; Chang-Sun Kang, President of World Council on Isotope; Andre Demel, Commercial Director of Philips Healthcare in Russia and CIS and other prominent representatives of business and scientific community also took part in the conference.


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