Предприятие Госкорпорации «Росатом»
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Rose bengale, 131-I



Half-life period 8,02 (days)

Technical characteristics

Activity Concentration 0,02; 0,04; 0,100; 0,200 GBq/ml
Specific activity of product By agreement with Customer.
Radionuclidic purity Equals to the original sodium iodide purity with carrier free Iodine-131
Radiochemical purity not less than 90%
Non radioactive impurities tellurium - 1,0; copper- 0,25; iron- 2,0; manganese- 0,05; silicon- 20,0. The content of barium, berillium, bismuth, cadmium, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, stibium, stannum, zink should not exceed detection limits
Information on calibration (if applicable) By agreement with Customer.
Physical form Transparent, raspberry-reddish liquid
Type of package (primary packing) 40, 80, 200 and 400 MBq vials for the due date of supply.
Areas of application Liver functionality investigation for various types of diseases hepatitis, cirrhosis of various etiology, jaundices and malignant neoplasms.
Type of containers transport packaging, UKTIA type

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