Предприятие Госкорпорации «Росатом»
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Half-life period 270.95 days

Generation process

Nuclear reaction 69Ga (p, 2n) 68Ge 71Ga (p, 3n) 68Ge
Time of exposure 140-220 hours
Types of chemical treatment extraction

Technical characteristics

Chemical form of supply Ge(IV) chloride in <1,0 M HCl
Activity Concentration ≥ 10 mCi/ml
Specific activity of product ≥ 2500 mCi/ml
Radionuclidic purity not less than 99,8 % (without 71Ge)
Non-radioactive impurities (mkg/mCi) Ni-1,0; Ga-3,0
Information on calibration (if applicable) Calibration on the first Monday after delivery
Physical form Transparent colorless solution Ge(III) in < 1,0 M HCl

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