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Rosatom’s enterprises are taking part in the International Exhibition for Health Care 2011

United Innovation Corporation Ltd and JSC Isotope are taking part in the 21st International Exhibition for Health Care “Zdravookhranenie 2011” held at the Moscow Expo Centre from the 5th to the 9th of December.

At the exhibition, United Innovation Corporation showcases its complex solutions in the field of nuclear medicine: PET-centre, PET-department, production of technetium-99 by extraction, radioisotope diagnostics department and centre for sterilization of medical products.

JSC Isotope exhibits sources of I-125 for brachitherapy and a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical “Resoscan”.

‘Nowadays the enterprises of Rosatom State Corporation are the key suppliers of isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals on the Russian market’, said A. Frolov, Deputy Director General of United Innovation Corporation. ‘We understand that when hospitals are not equipped with necessary apparatus, radiopharmaceuticals cannot help the patients. We are selecting and improving the best local inventions to supply Russian clinics with equipment that is able to perform early diagnostics. Applying the experience of our foreign partners, we create new offers for both Russian and world markets’.

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