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JSC Isotope is celebrating its 50th anniversary

On the 1st of December, JSC Isotope, a subdivision of Rosatom State Corporation, working on the markets of isotope products, radiation devices, medical and general use equipment, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

For half of a century the company has accumulated unique experience, created necessary material and technical foundation for effective and competitive development of the Russian isotope industry. It has all the potential for satisfying the demands of local and foreign markets and ensuring necessary level of safety at all stages of dealing with products and services.

Among the newest objectives are: development of a high tech business, increase of industrial powers, implementation of projects with high economic and social values. The most significant project is the establishment of molybdenum-99 production on the base of the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dimitrovgrad.

In cooperation with its joint ventures, JSC Isotope modernizes production areas in accordance with GMP international standards. It will allow creation of a world-class infrastructure and increase export potential of Rosatom State Corporation.

The company actively broadens its products assortment, takes perspective radiopharmaceuticals to the market. Today all efforts of JSC Isotope are targeted at fulfilling its mission – creating a cluster of nuclear medicine in Russia.

JSC Isotope is included into the Radiation Technologies division of Rosatom State Corporation (the division’s managing company is United Innovation Corporation).

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