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October 2012 became the month of international communication for Radiation technologies program

October 2012 became the month of international communication for Radiation technologies program

Geographic expansion is one of the priorities of radiation technologies program SC «Rosatom» which reached the highest level in October this year.
The 1st International Business Conference of producers, suppliers and consumers of isotope products (1st IBCI) was a key event. Specialists from JSC Isotop and LLC Joint Innovation Corporation considerably increase their business contacts. 53 business meetings , during which opportunities of Russian isotope production and equipment supply to USA, India, China and other countries were being discussed, have been held.

JSC Isotop began negotiations with new clients: Sanlar Imex Services Pvt. Ltd, Shenzhen Isotop Industrial Ltd. and also with representatives from Malayasian Nuclear Energy Agency. Countries agreed on supplies of medical and industrial isotopes to Malaysia and also the reboot of gamma-settings on enterprises of polymeric products irradiation. Malayasian specialists expressed an interest to build a contract radiation center in their country. This center will be equipped with Russian radiation facilities, using electron accelerators.

Radiation technologies program specialists visited several largest foreign conferences in October. The goal was to show the high level of international cooperation and present Russian production of SC «Rosatom» units to foreign companies.

One of the most significant events was annual European Association of nuclear medicine-2012, held in Milan (Italy). Russian delegates had successful negotiations on the projects of production localization in Russia. These projects concerned the production of current equipment for nuclear medicine: fume cupboards and mini-cyclotrons. Profitable agreements on purchases of RIA-kits and labeled pounds have been reached with Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. ( Hungary). Prospects of cooperation on import of INVITRO kits with MAP Medical Technologies Oy (Finland) and radiopharmaceuticals and technetium-99 m generators import with Isotope Technologies Garching GmbH (Germany) were determined.

Another event became an anniversary, the 20th exhibition «Oil and gas», held in Almata (KIOGE-2012) at the beginning of October. 547 companies from 23 countries gathered together. Representatives from JSC Isotop had negotiations with potential consumers of isotope products from Europe, East Asia and CIS countries. The possible ways of permanent supplies of ionizing radiation sources for the Institute of nuclear physics in Kazachstan were being discussed (producer is CJSC «Energomontazh International»).

The 10th Symposium on radiation processing of polymers (IRaP-2012) was held in October in Krakov (Poland). The largest professional forum gathered representatives from leading consultants and engineers of industrial companies of Europe, Asia, South America. The Russian delegation was represented by specialists from JSC Isotop and LLC Joint Innovation Corporation.

The most important direction for us is selling of ionizing radiation equipment - deputy general director, Aleksey Vakulenko said. - Some time before we specialized on selling of sources for ionizing radiation equipment. That's why it was an excellent opportunity to represent the company among the leaders on this market, tell them about our projects , equipment and its technical advantages.

One of Radiation technologies program priorities was development of marketing strategies. It is planned to hold events in the format of Road Show. The goal - to establish strong business relationships with South America, South-East Asia and other strategic regions.

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