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IAEA technical meeting in Vienna

The technical meeting on Mo-99 production matters in the light of world transition tendencies from highly enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium was held on November 6, 7 in the headquarter of IAEA in Vienna (Austria).

Representatives of leading world companies, producing Mo-99, such as NTP Radioisotopes, Covidien, Nordion and others took part in the discussion. The Russian side was represented by the director of Radiation technologies program SC «Rosatom», Mikhail Batkov. The basic topics, reported by M.Batkov, were key Russian projects connected with Mo-99 production, plans on production conversion of targets from HEU to LEU.

One of the privileges of SC «Rosatom» were permanent Mo-99 supply to the Russian and international markets. Radiation technologies program SC «Rosatom» is going to increase its Mo-99 production share 15 times in the nearest 13 years. Such a result can be reached by the following arrangements: increase in Mo-99 production volume using LEU targets, expanding markets, partnership strengthening.

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