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The representatives of Radiation technologies program have made a report on the 10th Symposium devoted to radiation processing of polymers (IRaP) in Krakov (Poland).

The event was organized by the radiation research fund (Lodz), the Institution of applied radiation chemistry (Lodz) and the Institution of nuclear chemistry and technologies (Warsaw) with a support of IAEA. «United Corporation for Innovations» («Radiation Technologies» Program) became a «gold» partner of the past symposium.

Representatives from the largest industrial enterprises, research institutes of Europe, Asia, Latin America were among forum's representatives. The Russian delegation consisted of specialists from «United Corporation for Innovations» and JSC Isotop. They have made a report on technologic decisions for radiation modifications of polymers. Current problems of radiation technologies development in those countries - symposium's participants were being broadly discussed.

The most important direction for us is selling of ionizing radiation equipment - deputy general director, Aleksey Vakulenko said. - Some time before we specialized on selling of sources for ionizing radiation equipment. That's why it was an excellent opportunity to represent the company among the leaders on this market, tell them about our projects , equipment and its technical advantages. Symposium's participants got an accurate image of our activities. That plays a considerable role in expanding international partnership.

Russian delegates had negotiations with the representatives of leading scientific agencies in Poland such as the Institution of nuclear chemistry and technologies (Warsaw) and the Institution of applied radiation chemistry (Lodz). During these meetings representatives from Poland agreed on expanding partnership with SC «Rosatom». The basis of the partnership were skills training for nuclear field, various projects implementation together in the field of radiation treatment of waste gases using radiation equipment of russian production.

IRaP is held once in 2 years and so many professionals from all over the world payed a substantial attention to this event. This year Poland became the gathering place, country with a developed industrial sector and a powerful scientific and technical base. Poland industrial companies expressed a great interest in partnership with SC «Rosatom».

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