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Malaysia Nuclear Energy Agency initiated meeting with the Radiation Technology Program, SC "Rosatom".

Within the framework of the 1st International Business Conference of producers, suppliers and consumers of isotope production a business meeting between representatives from SC "Rosatom" and the leadership of Malaysia Nuclear Energy Agency has been held.

The initiator of the meeting was the Malaysian side. During negotiations, the guests expressed interest regarding the construction of a contract irradiation center in Malaysia, equipped with Russian facilities based on electron accelerators. They reached an agreement on the supply of medical and industrial isotopes to Malaysia, including the gamma settings reload in the enterprises, specialized on the irradiation of polymer products.

Geographic expansion is one of the priorities of the "Radiation Technology Program." In this regard, Malaysia is a promising region, as it has the highest in Asia rate of economic growth. With a relatively small population (about 28 million.), it refers to a group of the richest developing countries. According to the World Bank, Malaysia's GDP grew by a record 7.2% last year, that's the highest rate in decade.

Important item of Malaysia income is agriculture, which gives large space for the use of radiation technologies - processing food and agricultural products (The Scientific Forum held recently during the 56th IAEA General Conference was dedicated to this basic topic). Also, the level of production of disposal medical products (including export), for sterilization of which ionizing radiation is used, is increasing.

- South East Asia - a promising region for SC "Rosatom" business development, which has great potential for the implementation of major energy projects, - The head of the Department of "Marketing & Communications" in "United Corporation for Innovations" Mikhail Semikov said. - So, now we need to create a positive relations experience with a foreign nuclear establishment. Radiation technologies - nuclear medicine, radiation centers - can be the progress catalyst in the development of SC «Rosatom» energy projects in many countries of South East Asia.

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