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JSC Isotope congratulated the plant of radioactive isotopes PA «Mayak» with anniversary

The delegation from JSC Isotope congratulated key Russian producer of radioactive isotopes, and one of the major business partners with the anniversary. On the 8th of June the plant of radioactive isotopes of the Production Association «Mayak» had 50 years old. 

Speaking at the gala evening, Acting General Director of JSC Isotope Mikhail Lavrentiev noticed that the plant of radioactive isotopes was a special company: PA «Mayak» was the first that in an extremely short time and as efficiently as possible led our country to the foreground market of high-tech isotope production. Today, the prevalence of such products in export is a driver for the industry and the Russian economy development as a whole.

"Combining the efforts and competence of the plant of radioactive isotopes of JSC Isotope and of Radiation Technology Program, State Corporation "Rosatom", we can make further steps in the qualitative development of the market, to implement new, bold solutions. We wish PA "Mayak" and the plant of radioactive isotopes to be always the first to implement all major industry initiatives, "- Mikhail Lavrentiev said.

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