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The last Radioisotope thermoelectric generator

The working group, which carried out the examination of the RTG, included experts arrived from Moscow Kurchatov Institute and from JSC Isotope and representatives from Rosprirodnadzor Pevekskogo lotsmeystersk -hydrographic unit, Chaun Mining and Geological Enterprise and Reserve.

RTG, located in the south-eastern part of the Wrangel Island, in the so-called Rogers ' Bay. According to the survey its body isn't damaged, the radiation situation near the generator environment is normal. RTG is suitable for transportation, and in autumn this year it will be exported from the reserve on the hydrographic vessel for the following recycling. There are no generators on the Wrangel Island - the director of the State Natural Reserve «the Wrangel Island» Alexander Gruzdev informed.

The RTG, that in the Soviet Union provided the work of the lighthouse, has not an easy fate. The lighthouse was destroyed by the gradual erosion of the shore in 2003. After that the RTG fell into the sea and it was washed out by the ground. The RTG was evidently washed back to the shore after a severe storm in 2011 and then it was found by the reserve staff. In autumn that year the first survey of the RTG was conducted, during which the background radiation was measured, not revealed the excess of normal radiation levels.

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