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Conversion of a research reactor «Argus» will be performed for 2.5 years.

«It's planned to perform the conversion of a research reactor «Argus», located at the site of the Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", for 2.5 years», - Nikolay Arkhangelskiy, advisor of innovation management of SC «Rosatom» reported within the framework of ongoing in the first two days of October in Moscow the 1st International Business-Conference of producers, suppliers and consumers of isotope products. We could say that «Argus» started to the conversion, because the preliminary stage has already been held», - N. Arkhangelskiy told us, added that the official decision on conversion would have been made in the «nearest future».

Full text: http://www.nuclear.ru/rus/press/other_news/2128107/

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