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Russia is an airship of nuclear technologies: expert.

«I suppose Russia has good prospects on isotope market», - Steffen Schuster, president of «Isotope Technologies Munich AG» remarked. - We as the company, working in the field of nuclear medicine, see opportunities for the emergence of new drugs and technologies. Nuclear medicine plays a great part today as it offers new technologies in diagnostic and treatment that other medicine branches can't imagine».

SC «Rosatom» actually leads the development of isotope branch in Russia: expert
« I'm glad to attend the 1st IBCI, organized by SC «Rosatom», the largest company in atomic industry. The Agency on nuclear energy in OECD is taking part in the conference to make a report in the field of medical radioisotopes, - Pavel Peykov, an expert of the department of nuclear industry development (The Agency on nuclear energy in OECD) remarked. - I'm participating in the 1st IBCI on behalf of the Group of high-level representatives from the nuclear energy agency of the OECD, dealing with security of medical isotopes delivery, and I'm intending to represent data available and moreover, a strategic approach to ensure reliable delivery to the market in the future. Also I hope to exchange the information with other conference participants. The Agency on nuclear energy in OECD for the last 3 years conducts extensive work on issues of isotope products delivery and their demand on the world market. That's why we decided to present the variants of possible strategies for increasing the security of medical radioisotopes delivery in the long term and to discuss them in public».

Full text: http://www.regnum.ru/news/economy/1577107.html


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