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Russia can become one of the leading manufacturers on isotope market: expert.

The First International Business-Conference for Producers, Suppliers and Consumers of Isotope Products (1st IBCI) has been held in Moscow on October, 1. Conference organizing company was JSC Isotope, Enterprise of the Program «Radiation technologies» of Rosatom State Corporation.
The 1st IBCI goal was to gather key participants on isotope market. During plenary sessions, scientific and business sections major issues concerning the world market of isotope products were being discussed. Among them were the world market development of consumption of isotope products; transportation of ionizing radiation sources; production and delivery of radioisotope products for industrial use; nuclear medicine development; quality control in the production of medical products; issues on elaborations in the field of medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals production; State regulation of isotope products circulation; questions on personnel for radiochemical industries.
Representatives from Rosatom State Corporation, THE IAEA, ministries and government departments of the Russian Federation, from the largest companies-producers of isotope products, medical and scientific institutions.

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