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Gamma radiation monitoring plant УДГ-АТ110 / UDG-АТ110

Gamma radiation monitoring plant УДГ-АТ110 / UDG-АТ110

Gamma radiation monitoring plant УДГ-АТ110 / UDG-АТ110 is designed for testing and calibration of radiation-monitoring equipment in a collimated beam of gamma radiation.

The plant is based on using 137Cs radionuclide sources.

The plant implements a scheme with a fixed exposure irradiator and linearly positioned calibration bench platform.

Range of gamma radiation dose rates is achieved by using 137Cs sources with various activity and various "source - detector" distances.

The size of radiation field is varied by the "source - detector" distance or by diameter of collimator channel.

Positioning of measuring means in collimator radiation beam is provided by the calibration benchmark.

Control of the plant automated functions is performed remotely by operator.



• Standard collimation assembly in accordance with GOST 8.087-2000
• Placement in the irradiator's protective container of up to 5 gamma radiation sources
• Software control of the sources movement in the irradiator
• Software control of the mobile platform positioning in automatic or manual modes
• Relocation of sources in the irradiator and of mobile platform using digital servodrives
• Centering the detector in the radiation beam using laser devices
• Reading calibrated instruments using CCTV
• Safe platform braking and travel limiting
• Alarm and blocking system to ensure safety in accordance with the NP-038-02 requirements
• Monitoring radiation situation in working chamber and adjacent premises
• Emergency power supply
• Loading sources into the plant using transshipment container and toolkit

The plant complies with
• GOST 8.034-82 (State calibration scheme)
• GOST 8.087-2000 (Radiation monitoring plants. Calibration methodology)
• GOST 27451-87 (Ionizing radiation measurement means)
• GOST 12.2.091-2002 (IEC 61010-1:1990) (Safety)
• STB GOST R 51522-2001 (IEC 61326-1:1997) (Electromagnetic compatibility)
• NP-038-02 (Safety of radiation sources)
• UDG-АТ110 plant is listed in the State registry of measurement means of the Russian Federation (No. 40425-09 in the State registry SI RF)

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