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Clinical X-ray radiation dosimeter ДРК-1М / DRK-1М

Clinical X-ray radiation dosimeter ДРК-1М / DRK-1М

Variant of the ДРК-1М / DRK-1 dosimeter for determination of patients' exposure doses during diagnostics and current monitoring of the X-ray devices technical parameters uniformity. The ДРК-1М / DRK-1М is designed for usage with the portable type RDA as well as for "C-duga" devices used in surgery and angiography.

The ДРК-1М / DRK-1М has modular arrangement, which allows to fit X-ray devices of various types and manufacturers. Ionization chambers (of type 2) are connected to the electrometer (of type 3), which in turn can be connected to the measurement console allowing to print out and record measured values with covering info (up to 1000 records). Up to three electrometers of various types can be connected to one console (through special adapters by additional order - up to 16). Measured values of dose per area may be transmitted to PC for further accounting of exposure doses.

• Measurement of multiplying of the absorbed dose in the air by the area of the X-ray beam cross-section at the output of the X-ray device,
• Calculation of the effective dose received by patient during X-ray diagnostics and radiotherapy using appropriate methodologies,
• Monitoring operational stability of medical X-ray devices during their operation.

• Several variants of electrometers for various РДА / RDA models,
• Ability to built-in into mobile workstation (currently, for devices УРС-230 МГП "Абрис" / УРС-230 МГП "Abris", "МТЛ" / "MTL"),
• Two types of ionizing chambers; for mobile РДА /RDA of general purpose and for X-ray devices of the "C-duga" type.

• Ionization chamber is built-in without crippling the РДА / RDA structure and does not require additional measures for the equipment cleaning and disinfection,
• Small-size electrometer easily mounted on the РДА / RDA rackwithout compromising the look and ergonomics,
• Current measured values of the absorbed dose per area may be printed out on the printer built-in into the ДРК-1М-П02 / DRK-1М-P02 measuring console. Measuring console features memory for 1000 values.

Delivery scope
• Electrometer with fixtures (by choice),
• Detector ionizing chamber with fixtures (by choice),
• "Chamber-electrometer" cable - 1.5 m,
• Operation manual,
• Guidance on controlling МУК / MUK "Control of effective doses for patients exposure during medical X-ray surveys".

Ordered delivery:
• Adapter for connection to the measuring console of more than 3 detectors,
• Cable for communication with PC (RS-232),
• Measuring console with fixtures (by choice),
• "Electrometer - console" cable 10 m (up to 200 m by request ).

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