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Two-channel meter of the pulse count rate УИМ2-2Д / UIM2-2D

Two-channel meter of the pulse count rate УИМ2-2Д / UIM2-2D

УИМ2-2Д / UIM2-2D provides a solution to various problems of radiation control depending on the type of connected detection units: continuous radiation monitoring by gamma and neutron radiation of premises and units, monitoring of alpha- and beta- contamination.

• Measurement of average pulse counting rate from two measurement channels,
• Alarming on exceeding the set thresholds,
• Turning on external alarming or actuating devices at exceeding the set thresholds.

• Ability to connect different types of detection units to different channels,
• Ability to connect one detection unit to two channels at the same time with different thresholds,
• Measurement of pulse counting rates difference between two channels,
• Separate light and sound alarms on exceeding the set threshold values in both channels,
• Ability to connect external alarming elements and actuating devices (dry contact),
• Ability to correct nonlinearity of detecting units characteristics,
• Representation of information both in the counting rate units (pulse/sec) and in the user selected units (mkZv/h, Min-1, cm-2 etc.),
• Indication of the measurement results statistic error,
• Keeping the measurement results in non-volatile memory.

Delivery scope

Basic delivery:
• УИМ2-2Д / UIM2-2D,
• Installation kit,
• Operation manual, passport.

Ordered delivery
• Detection units as ordered by the customer.

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