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Dosimeter-radiometer ДРБП-03 / DRBP-03

Dosimeter-radiometer ДРБП-03 / DRBP-03

The device consists of a console with a built-in detector of gamma radiation, external gamma radiation detection unit БДГ-01 / BDG-01 and exteral unit of alpha and beta radiation БДБА-02 / BDBA-02. ДРБП-03 / DRBP-03 is a highly reliable device, convenient and easy to use.

• Compact, lightweight metal body,
• Sound alarm of the counting rate on headphones,
• Smooth thresholds setting over the entire measurement range.

• Measurement of gamma radiation H * (10) dose rate,
• Measurement of H * (10) gamma radiation dose (operator's dose),
• Measurement of alpha-particles flux density,
• Measurement of beta-particles flux density.

Operation modes
• "Search" - for rapid assessment of the radiation situation with decreasing measurement time to 4 seconds,
• "Economy" - to decrease current consumption,
• With calculation of the mean and mean-squared deviation of the measuring value,
• With subtraction of background values.

Delivery scope
• Console,
• Detection unit БДБА-02 / BDBA-02 (with filtering lid and operation lid),
• Detection unit БДГ-01 / BDG-01,
• Headphone,
• Battery,
• Charger,
• Rod,
• Ticket,
• Case.

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