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Dosimeter-radiometer МКС-АТ6130 / MKS-AT6130

Dosimeter-radiometer МКС-АТ6130 / MKS-AT6130

Portable small size device.

Produced in the following modifications: МКС-АТ6130 / MKS-AT6130, -АТ6130А / -AT6130A, -АТ6130В / -AT6130V, -АТ6130Д / -AT6130D, -АТ6130С / -AT6130S.

• Measurement of gamma radiation H * (10) dose rate,
• Measurement of H * (10) gamma radiation dose,
• Measurement of beta particles flux density (for МКС-6130 / MKS-6130).

• Sound and visual alarm for exceeding thresholds for the dose, dose rate and flux density,
• Quick response to statically significant change of dose rate (restart of measurement),
• Selective measurement of β- and γ- radiations in the mixed fields,
• Ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures in the field conditions,
• Sound alarm at registration of each γ-quantum (β-particles) during search of ionizing radiation sources,
• Keeping in the non-volatile memory of up to 2000 results with measurement date and time,
• Displaying of measurement results, current time, date and the battery discharge symbol on LCD monitor,
• Ability of data exchange with computer via IR port (for МКС-АТ6130/В/Д / MKS-AT6130/V/D).

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