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Domestic dosimeter-radiometer МКС-05 “Терра-П” / MKS-05 “Terra-P”

Domestic dosimeter-radiometer МКС-05 “Терра-П” / MKS-05 “Terra-P”

МКС-05 "Терра-П" / MKS-05 "Terra-P" - front view A simple and convenient tool to assess the background radiation and radiation pollution indoors, of household items, clothing, soil surface, forest berries and mushrooms.

• Measurement of gamma radiation H * (10) dose ambient equivalent rate,
• Measurement of gamma radiation H * (10) dose ambient equivalent,
• Assessment of surface contamination with radio-nuclides.

• Three independent measurement channels with alternate information output on the LCD display,
• Automatic selection of measurements intervals and ranges,
• Programming thresholds for audio alarm actuation by radiation power,
• Digital display with backlight,
• Two AAA size galvanic cells,
• Four-level indication of the power source discharge,
• Shockproof casing,
• Small dimensions and weight,
• Clock and alarm clock functions.

Delivery scope
• Dosimeter-radiometer МКС-05 / MKS-05',
• 2 AAA power supply cells,
• Operation manual.


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