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Dosimeter ДРГБ-01 ЭКО-1 / DRGB-01 ECO-1

Dosimeter ДРГБ-01 ЭКО-1 / DRGB-01 ECO-1

Simple, reliable and compact professional dosimeter for measuring gamma-radiation rate and flux density of beta particles as well as for measuring the specific activity of various substances.


The ДРГБ-01 ЭКО-1 / DRGB-01 "ECO-1" dosimeter-radiometer is used for measuring photon radiation ambient dose rate (ADR), the flux density of beta particles, the specific activity of radionuclides in substances and materials during dosimetric control and radiometric studies.

The device allows to detect radionuclide source and to estimate the level of contamination on its availability.


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