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ROSATOM Increases Its Annual Export of Isotope Products by 15%

At the same time, the geography of isotope product supplies has also expanded. After an interruption that lasted many years, a shipment of Russian cobalt-60-based sources was delivered to Middle Eastern irradiation centers. The company has ensured uninterrupted supplies of the drug Macrotech, a technetium-99 generator to the Republic of Belarus and a Russian-made gallium-68 generator to the Republic of Kazakhstan. The cooperation with Latin American countries has expanded. Thus, in 2023, the company signed a five-year medical product supply contract with Brazil. In addition, since January 2024, clinics of the Republic of Cuba have begun to receive the first regular supplies of molybdenum-99, a diagnostic isotope used to detect cardiovascular and cancer diseases, and iodine-131, a theranostic isotope utilized to diagnose and treat thyroid diseases.

According to Maksim Kushnarev, Director General of Isotope JSC, "Developing our cooperation with new partners and starting supplies of vital isotopes to these regions will increase the availability of specialized medical care and help save hundreds of thousands of lives."


Isotope JSC is an industry integrator in the field of circulation and promotion of isotope products of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, an official supplier of Rosatom isotope products to the international market and the key supplier of these products to the domestic market. Isotope JSC's partners consist of 170 foreign companies based in 50 countries and about 600 organizations in Russia, including medical institutions, industrial enterprises and scientific centers.
Radioisotope medical products of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation enable about 2.5 million diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in Russia and abroad. Radiopharmaceutical-powered diagnostics makes it possible to identify diseases at early stages and to start therapy in due time.

Russia is consistently developing its international trade and economic relations, focusing on a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of radioisotope product supplies in particular. Despite the existing restrictions imposed from beyond, the domestic economy is increasing its export potential and supplying goods and services around the world.

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