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Russian Ophthalmic Applicators Presented at OOG 2015

On March 13-14 Moscow hosted the 47 Ophthalmic Oncology Group Meeting (OOG 2015).

Along with the conference, OOG 2015 guests could visit an exhibition of ophthalmic equipment, instruments and pharmaceuticals produced by the leading Russian and international companies, including Abbott, Bayer and others. The event was attended by more than 100 specialists from all over the world. They mainly were treating physicians, heads of ophthalmic oncology departments.

During the exhibition JSC Isotope presented a high-tech device by SC "SSC RF-IPPE" - ophthalmic applicator based on radionuclide Ru-106. Ophthalmic applicators are used to treat patients with complex eye tumors, including ciliary body and iris tumors, as well as with melanoma, retinoblastoma, etc. The usage of ophthalmic applicators of various sizes and configurations allows carrying out brachytherapy with individual planning. Individual treatment planning helps to achieve maximal therapeutic effect with minimal complications in treatment of patients with tumors of various sizes, thicknesses and location, including hard-to-reach (in the eye angle, regions of the optic nerve, pupil, eyelid, etc.).

The Russian product caused interest among the representatives of German, British, Danish, Finnish, Israeli and Turkish clinics. JSC Isotope held a number of successful negotiations aimed at organizing supplies of Russian ophthalmic applicators.

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