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A new member of International Irradiation Association

JSC Isotope joined the International Irradiation Association - IIA which acts as a non-governmental organization under the IAEA supervision.

For over 50 years IIA has been working as a platform for cooperation among the key players in the irradiation services market. IIA main goals include development of irradiation technologies, extension of their application in such spheres as medical instruments sterilization, food decontamination, modification of polymers' characteristics, etc.

JSC Isotope plans to participate in key IIA events on a regular basis (including exhibitions, conferences, roundtables and webinars). As an IIA member, JSC Isotope aims to promote sealed sources with Cobalt-60 type GIK-A6 manufactures in Russia, expand the geography of their supplies as well as strengthen ties with the leading companies in the irradiation services market.

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