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JSC Isotope Certifies Equipment of JSC “SSC RIAR’s” ROMOL-99 Unit Designed for Mo-99 Production

At the final stage of the presidential project "The creation of radioisotope Mo-99 production" JSC Isotope has completed certification of the equipment at JSC "SSC RIAR" in a specialized system designed for certification of equipment, products and technologies for nuclear units, radioactive sources and storages. This certification was necessary to place in operation the production assets at the State Scientific Center - Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (JSC "SSC RIAR") based in Dimitrovgrad.

The Research Institute of Atomic Reactors was chosen as the site for project's realization due to its unique facilities for maintaining all technological operations related to Molybdenum-99 production.

In 2014 ROMOL-99 unit is expected to reach the planned capacity of Mo-99 production. It will allow not only to satisfy the demand in this extremely important for nuclear medicine radioisotope in Russia, but also to increase supplies of Molybdenum-99 to the global market.

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