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New Delivery Directions of JSC Isotope

JSC Isotope has for the first time delivered with its own specialized transport radioactive sources with Cobalt-60 and Cesium-137 to the European Union. The first country where JSC Isotope got the license for sources' transportation became Lithuania.

It should be mentioned that trucking of heavy containers with sources is often more cost-efficient than their air-delivery. However, some states do not possess specialized transport for radioactive products' safe delivery. JSC Isotope is ready to offer them its transportation services. The company is proud of its truck fleet equipped with satellite vehicle tracking, radiation control and video monitoring systems, fire detection devices and biological protection.

The cooperation with Lithuanian partners expands JSC Isotope's opportunities in organizing through transportation in Lithuania, especially to Kaliningrad where nowadays sources are being delivered only by air. Moreover, the experience of cooperation with Lithuania enables to organize delivery to other EU member-states. In the short run JSC Isotope is planning to deliver class 7 dangerous goods to Hungary through the territory of Ukraine.

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