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JSC Isotope Recharges Czech Gamma-Ray Teletherapy Unit TERAGAM for the First Time

JSC Isotope together with LLC "Sibmer" has elaborated a specialized technology for replacement of a radioactive source with Cobalt-60 (with the unit of activity of more than 8 000 Ci) in gamma-ray teletherapy units TERAGAM and TERABALT.

Creating new technology JSC Isotope specialists used the accumulated experience in reload of radioactive sources in Russian units and also took into account the peculiarities of the most famous foreign technologies. As a result, they elaborated unique methods and devices for replacement of sources in foreign gamma-ray teletherapy units that help to perform this task significantly more quickly and guarantee its high quality.

In December 2013 the new technology was implemented in the isotope complex of the JSC Isotope's specialized facility for working with radioisotope production where the radioactive head of TERAGAM unit (produced by the Czech company "ISOTREND spol. s.r.o.") was delivered from the Regional clinical cancer detection centre in Voronezh. JSC Isotope specialists successfully carried out a challenging operation: in the hot cell a new sealed radioactive source with Cobalt-60 type GIK-9-4 was installed in the radioactive head. It should be mentioned that it was the first time when the replacement of gamma-ray teletherapy unit type TERAGAM was carried out in the Russian Federation.

The new technology strengthens JSC Isotope's position in the foreign market in the sphere of recharging gamma-ray teletherapy units TERAGAM and TERABALT in Russia and CIS countries. In 2015-2016 the lifetime of sources in some units of this type will be over, so it would be necessary to organize their replacement.
At the preparatory stage for this work JSC Isotope reached the agreement with "UGP PRAHA a.s.", a manufacturing company of TERABALT units, on organizing consultations and arranging a technical audit of its specialists at JSC Isotope's specialized facility for working with radioisotope production and radiation-hazardous substances. Cooperation with "UGP PRAHA a.s." opens new possibilities for development in this direction.

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