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JSC Isotope Opens New Horizons at the Market

JSC Isotope together with the enterprises of "Rosatom" State Corporation demonstrated an exposition at the EANM 2013 exhibition that was a part of the 26th annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) and took place in Lyon (France) from 19 to 23 October, 2013.

More than 100 companies from 22 countries took part in the exhibition, including leading European manufactures of high-tech medical equipment (Philips, Siemens, Mediso, IBA, Eckert & Ziegler, etc.) as well as producers of isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals (Mallinckrodt, Polatom, Izotop, Urenco, etc.). Moreover, the participants of EANM 2013 had a chance to visit scientific sessions and read the delegates' poster reports.

At the EANM exhibition JSC Isotope together with manufacturing enterprises (FSUE "L.Ya. Karpov Physical-Chemical Research Institute", JSC "SSC RIAR", FSUE "SSC RF-IPPE", FSUE "PA "MAYAK", JSC "INM", JSC "PA "Electrochemical Plant", FSUE "Elektrokhimpribor" Combine") demonstrated a wide range of nuclear medicine products from isotopes and generators to modern radiopharmaceuticals. The visitors of the exposition had a great interest in direct supplies of radioactive and stable isotopes as well as Technecium-99m, Rhenium-188 and Gallium-68 generators. Specific attention was given to Molybdenum-99, one of the key isotopes on a global nuclear medicine market. Potential consumers were interested in possible volumes of supplies and the manufacturers' ability to work on low-enriched uranium. On the whole more than  30 talks with current and potential partners were held and more than 50 partnership proposals were received during the exhibition. Due to teamwork with manufacturing enterprises and three-party negotiations we managed to strengthen the position of SC "Rosatom" and to achieve the implementation of many goals.

The Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine has proved its reputation as one of the best scientific discussion forums where leading experts (doctors, scientists, students) meet, while its industrial exhibition due to the participation of manufacturing enterprises and highly qualified specialists gave an impetus for further development of nuclear medicine.

The 27th annual EANM Congress will be held in Sweden on 18-22 October, 2014.


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