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SPC "Clinical onkoradiology"

From 13 to 15 March 2013 on the basis of FGBU "Russian Cancer Research Center by N.N. Blokhin "RAMS held an annual international scientific-practical conference "Clinical onkoradiology ", which was attended by leading doctors, radiologists, medical physicists, diagnosticians, representatives of the largest medical, scientific, technological and educational centers of Russia and foreign countries.

The conference is held for eight years, every year it raises an important industry issues of concern to the medical community. This year, discussed such topics as technical modernization of the Russian health care, implementation and practical application of modern methods of nuclear medicine and radiation therapy. The event was attended by experts from the "Radiation Technologies" program, which told about the main projects of the State Corporation "Rosatom" in the development of Russia's nuclear medicine.

The information generated considerable interest from the scientific community, because each of the presented projects can significantly enhance the ability of the Russian oncology. Of particular importance is the project to create the first national network of PET centers. Positron emission tomography (PET) - one of the most effective methods for early diagnosis of cancer, but to date only 12 Russian medical institutions equipped with a PET scanner that vast country too little. The "Radiation technologies" program plans to build a comprehensive diagnostic studies centers in 21 Russian region, which will provide early detection of cancer pathologies, increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the mortality rate of patients.

With this ambitious project are closely related and other activities of the Program. For example, the creation of the Russian production of the latest diagnostic equipment is not inferior to the best foreign analogues. The project is implemented in cooperation with one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment. Current production is designed to equip the Russian clinics and pet centers, as well as for export. Transfer of foreign advanced technology provide excellent quality of Russian products and competitiveness in the international rynke.siyskoy nuclear medicine.

Created PET centers should be fully equipped not only with modern equipment, but also radiopharmaceuticals (RFP). This task is the production of a project to create a mini-cyclotrons. Unique solution will allow diagnostic centers independently produce radiopharmaceuticals and to be independent of external supplies. The equipment has a high degree of security, it is convenient to use and does not require the construction of special protective structures.

- Of course, we are glad that our country has taken concrete steps towards the creation of production of advanced medical equipment, - said the head of the department of radiation oncology FGBU "RCRC by N.N. Blokhin" Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Sergey Tkachev. - These are the tools you need, without which modern oncology - diagnostic, therapeutic. As long as we are using imported equipment, but would like to see and Russian, which is comparable in quality to foreign analogues.

- Unfortunately, to date, the Russian oncology technically inferior to the foreign - the director of "RCRC N.N. Blokhin" RAMS academician Mikhail Davydov. - It is therefore necessary to create the conditions under which the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment could be set up factories in Russia. Produce equipment at a much better deal than to depend on foreign suppliers. A country as vast as Russia, it is vital to have its own production, modern medical and instrumentation, which have not yet, unfortunately.

- Participation in the conference has a great value for the "Radiation technologies" program, - said Head of Marketing and Communications, LLC "United Corporation for Innovations" Michael Semikov. - With it, we want to expand cooperation with leading Russian doctors who could work with us as independent experts. The implementation of high-tech projects is unthinkable without the competence of practicing physicians. Enlisting the support of the medical community, we are able to achieve significant results in a short time.


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